Get Your 48-Hour Priority Event Entry Sorted

10/02/2020 events

Are you and your riding posse stinging to rip into your first Transmoto event of the year – the 8-Hour at Coffs Harbour on April 4-5 – but stressing that it’ll sell out before you get your entry in? You ought to be, because five of the seven 2019 events sold out in less than 48 hours, and before they even went on sale to the public! Unless you’ve got yourself sorted with priority entry, that is…

If you want to avoid missing out, becoming a Transmoto Tribe member gives you the best possible chance of scoring an entry before the event sells out. The 48-hour priority-entry access applies to all Transmoto Enduro Events* and is just one of the many perks of a Tribe membership. Click here to find out more.

*NOTE: For 2020, everybody on the team must be a signed-up Tribe member to qualify for the 48-hour priority entry.


  • 48-hour Priority Entry to all Transmoto Enduro Events;
  • 15% discount on all Transmoto apparel and accessories;
  • Monthly special offers from leading dirt bike brands, such as discounts, exclusive giveaways and limited-edition products;
  • Your chance to win loads of prizes – including event tickets, products, merchandise and more; and
  • Transmoto Tribe Member Pack – 2x Transmoto T-shirts, Transmoto x FIST Handwear Gloves, Tribe Sticker Pack, Iron-on Patch, Stubby Cooler and Bottle Opener (total value $120, available only with $159 Transmoto Tribe membership).

What are you waiting for? For an annual fee of just $159, it’s no-friggin’-brainer!

Current monthly Tribe Membership offer – 30% off Transmoto Tribe graphics kits from DMK Designs.


Each team’s nominated Team Captain will need to:

  • Click on the link provided in the email we’ll send all Tribe Members;
  • Enter Tribe login details to be linked directly through to the event’s online entry system.
  • Once in the entry system, the Captain will need to enter every teammates’ details, including each teammate’s Tribe membership email address. Entry data for all team members will be cross-referenced against the Tribe database (so, captains, please ensure you enter the correct information for everyone at sign-up to avoid having your team’s entry rejected); and
  • Make the final credit card payment (and then start hustling teammates for reimbursement!).



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