17/11/2021 events


The Transmoto 8-Hour at Young will not go ahead this weekend.

Sadly, despite a few days of sunny conditions this week, the soaked venue has not dried out enough to host a large number of vehicles and riders this coming weekend.

And with a second nasty weather system due to sweep through the South West Slopes region this Saturday/Sunday, dumping another 50mm of rain on the Young property, the paddocks will remain too saturated to safely run the event.

Ordinarily, a chunk of rain wouldn’t deter us from pushing on, but with 150mm already in the ground from last week, what is coming will just sit on top and render the event site too wet to proceed.

The main issues:

  • With 540 riders plus 320 support crew attending the event, access to the camping and pit area for a large number of vehicles on Saturday will not be possible. The final 400m into the pit area is across an uphill paddock slope and it will not cope with an excess of traffic with trailers and campers.
  • With 25-40mm of rain forecast for Sunday, medical vehicle access to several parts of the racetrack will not be possible, which poses a major safety issue for riders.
  • Damaging winds are again predicted for this Sunday.
  • Running this weekend will cause irreparable damage to the property’s access roads, race track, and pit paddock.


It’s a tough call to make (especially after the past six months), but taking into account the excessive likely damage to this pristine private property and the forecast shitty conditions for both camping and riding, the event simply won’t deliver what you signed up for.

This weekend was the final option to run the event in 2021, so the Transmoto 8-Hour at Young will now move into next year, and is already on our 2022 event calendar for September 10-11.

Here are your options as an existing Team, Pairs or Ironman entry:

  • 1) Do nothing and your 2021 entry will be automatically transferred (at no cost) to the rescheduled date of September 10-11, 2022.
    The benefit of this is that you’ll be assured of an entry, plus you can make any necessary team member changes before the 2022 event.
  • 3.) Have your Team Captain request a refund here:
    This includes a refund for the entry fee, and any One Event Competition Licence and/or Temporary Club Membership payments, where applicable.

IMPORTANT: All event transfers and refunds must be requested by Sunday, Nov 28. After this date, you will automatically be entered into the 2022 Transmoto 8-Hour at Young, and the General Refund Policy will apply.


– The Transmoto Crew


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