The one and only Transmoto Enduro Event with a 10-hour duration. And the “10-Hour at Tumut” has a nice ring to it too, right?

Tumut is situated in NSW’s Riverina region, with the event itself taking place just out of town on a picturesque 1200-acre private property that sits on the north-west foothills of the Snowy Mountains. With huge tracts of bushland and grasstrack, commanding views and serious elevation changes, it’s an absolute riding paradise.

The Transmoto 10-Hour at Tumut takes the place of the Transmoto 12-Hour at Batemans Bay as the longest, most physically demanding event on Transmoto’s 2024 calendar. Unlike the 12-Hour (which was limited to Teams of 4), the 10-Hour at Tumut gives you the option of entering as a Team of 3 or Team of 4. Limited entries will also be available in both Ironman and Pairs classes.

Conveniently, the 10-Hour is just a two- to three-hour drive from Canberra, Albury-Wodonga, Cooma and Narrandera, and a little over four hours’ drive from Sydney. It’s an area renowned for its fly fishing and kayaking, its vineyards and breweries, and its scenic Snowy Valleys Way, which meanders along the foothills of the Australian Alps through rolling farmlands, forested vales, snowgrass flats and picturesque villages.

So, sign up and come along to be part of the third-annual Transmoto 10-Hour event at this epic venue.


IRONMAN Solo rider.

PAIR (2 RIDERS) Two riders riding in a tag team.

TEAM (OF 3) Three riders working in a tag team.

TEAM (OF 4) Four riders working in a tag team.


All Teams must enter under one of six ‘Team Categories’:

– Weekend Warriors (no rider to have ever raced professionally, no sponsor hook-ups or dealer support, and must have paid your own entry fee);

– Young Guns (all riders under 23, as of the event date);

– Wise Wizards (average rider age must be at least 50, as of the event date);

– Mixed (at least one female rider);

– Wonder Women (all female riders); or

– Open (general team entry, if you’re not eligible for any of the above Categories).

Teams (of 3) and Teams (of 4) will be grouped together for the Class and Outright results, but entering in a relevant Team Category will increase your team’s chances of taking home a trophy.


Team (of 4): $1200 ($300pp)
Team (of 3): $975 ($325pp)
Pairs (2 riders): $700 ($350pp)
Ironman: $400

– 6x12m camping and pit plot
– Limited-edition event T-shirt
– “I Survived” sticker

– $20 Transponder Hire (per team)
– $85 One Event Competition Licence (only if rider does not have a current Senior National Motorcycling Australia licence)
– $10 Temporary Club Membership (only if rider is not a current member of an MA-affiliated club)

Note: There are no split payments – the team’s entry fee and any additional costs must be paid in full during online registration. A 3% booking fee applies to online payments.



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