15/11/2021 events


After sitting on our hands with events for five months due to Covid restrictions, having to call off last weekend’s long-awaited Transmoto 8-Hour at Young was a very tough and disappointing call to have to make. Unfortunately, there was no choice but to reschedule the event to November 20-21.


  • Thanks to a once-in-50-years ‘weather event’, the Young region copped more than 150mm of rain over the week (pushing annual rainfall close to the town’s all-time record of 50 inches, set way back in 1956!). This rendered the event’s pit paddock inaccessible to vehicles, 4WDs included. There was just no way 500+ vehicles with trailers/campers would have been able to get in (or out) of the wet paddock.
  • Aside from the access issues, damaging NW winds gusting to 60km/h lashed the property over the weekend. And that, combined with the very soft ground, meant properly securing camping equipment and pit tents would have posed a major safety issue in the pit paddock for riders and their support crew.
  • It would have been a shitty experience for all involved.


  • The situation as of Monday, November 15, is that the property is still very wet (meaning running 500+ bikes over it in its current condition may cause irreparable damage) and access to the pit padock is still limited. With four sunny days forecast for this week, we’re hanging onto the hope that things will dry up enough to run the event this coming weekend (which is our only remaining option for 2021).
  • But just a heads-up for everyone: due to an average-looking rain and wind forecast for this coming Sunday, ongoing site access issues and participant safety concerns may prevent the event from going ahead.
  • To make sure all participants can plan their trip to the event, a final call will be made at 5pm on Wednesday, November 17, and sent to you via SMS and email.
  • Should the event not be able to proceed, we’ll then outline your options as an existing Team, Pairs or Ironman entrant. This would include retaining your entry to the Young 8-Hour in 2022, transferring your entry to any other 2022 Transmoto Enduro Event, or requesting a team refund.

Along with a lot of other industries, events have really been kicked in the balls by Covid this year, and this last weekend’s rescheduling (having been fully set up and ready to go at Young) was a tough pill to swallow for all involved. You can’t control pandemics or the weather, but rather than cause irreversible damage to this awesome private property, it makes more sense to wait and see whether it’s dried up enough by Wednesday arvo before making the final decision to proceed.



– The Transmoto Crew


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