WTF Is Tribe And Why Do I Need To Sign Up?

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18/02/2020 events

Transmoto Enduro Events are capped at 500-600 entrants apiece to make sure the experience remains epic – just one of the reasons they sell out so fast. In fact, five of the seven events in 2019 sold before they even went on sale to the public!

So, to ensure that you – one of the loyal legends who’ve signed up to the Transmoto Tribe – are given the best possible chance of scoring an entry into our 2020 Enduro Events, we’re continuing to offer Tribe members a 48-hour priority entry. But please note that, for 2020, everybody on the team must be a signed-up Tribe member to qualify for the 48-hour priority entry.

But for now, to get your 48-hour priority entry into the 2020 Transmoto Enduro Events, here’s what you gotta do… 

If you’re not a Tribe Member already:

Once you, and everyone in your Pair or Team are Tribe Members:

  • You will receive an email at 4PM AEDT today (Feb 18) with the online entry link.
  • Decide who in your Pair or Team will fill out the online entry – this person is the “Team Captain”.
  • TEAM CAPTAIN’S ONLY need to open the email and click “ENTER NOW”.
  • Enter your Tribe login details, then you’ll be sent to the online event entry system.
  • Enter your teammates’ Tribe email addresses. Your team’s details will be checked, so Team Captains, please ensure you enter the correct information for everyone at sign-up to avoid having your team’s entry rejected).
  • Enter your teammates’ details, then make the final credit card payment.
  • You made it. We can’t wait to see you all there!

Problems? Questions?

Send us an email to tribe@transmoto.com.au and we’ll help you out as soon as possible

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