2021 TRANSMOTO 8-HOUR AT YOUNG (NOV 13-14, 2021)

As an event licensed by Motorcycling Australia, the 2021 Transmoto 8-Hour at Young, NSW (operated by Transmoto Pty Ltd), will adhere to the regulations set forth by the NSW State Government and the sport’s governing body pertaining to Covid-19 and the ‘Return to Sports’ guidelines. 

The event’s Covid-Safe protocols have been developed in accordance with Motorcycling Australia, local council and police. Transmoto will be implementing a number of measures to ensure the safety of participants, staff, officials and volunteers for all events. 

We ask that all event entrants adhere to the following protocols and assist organisers in running a safe event.

Covid-Safe Event Guidelines:

  • All Transmoto events will adhere to the rules and regulations set forward by state health bodies pertaining to the maximum number of people permitted to gather at outdoor events.  
  • In order to attend the 2021 Transmoto 8-Hour at Young, participants will need to comply with the following:
  • Upon arrival at the event, all participants, staff and support crew will be required to complete the Service NSW digital check-in
  • Upon arrival at the event, anyone entering the venue (participants, staff, support crew, suppliers, etc) will be required to demonstrate their Covid-19 full vaccine status (via the Service NSW digital check-in, Medicare app, myGov Immunisation History Statement)
  • No participant, official or event personnel with flu-like symptoms, or anyone that has been in contact with someone with flu-like symptoms, is permitted to attend the event.
  • All participants should adhere to the up-to-date state government travel advice and border restrictions according to the local government area (LGA) in which they reside and in accordance with NSW rules and regulations (the state the event is operating in).
  • Any participant who has visited an active Covid case location (as per the relevant state Department of Health websites below) within 14 days of the event date should not attend.
  • Please click below for up-to-date Covid case locations and restrictions for your state:









  • This event will not be open to general spectators. Limited support crew for riders will be permitted and must be nominated prior to the event. All support crew will be required to complete a digital non-participant event waiver, which will be sent out prior to the event. If this has not been completed, the support crew will not be able to enter the event site.
  • A comprehensive list of all event participants, support crew, staff, officials and volunteers will be collected pre-event and at the event entry point by Transmoto staff, and stored securely in a digital format for contact tracing.
  • In order to adhere to social distancing guidelines, the following regulations will be implemented at the event:
    – No congregation of multiple teams in rider pits or communal fire gatherings;
    – Rider registration will now be completed online prior to the event, eliminating all paper-signing requirements (participant waivers, One Event Competition Licence);
    – All participants will be checked into the event in their cars by the event staff;
    – Riders are required to wear full protective gear during racing (fully enclosed helmet, gloves and goggles);
    – Hand sanitiser stations will be set up throughout the village area and communal facilities for event participants to use;  Participants should adhere to good hygiene practices;
    – Credit card payments will be available to limit cash handling however please always bring cash along as a backup given the sometimes unreliable phone reception that can affect cards. Where cash is required, staff will follow proper sanitisation methods while handling it;
    – Participants will be supplied with garbage bags upon entry to the event and asked to take their rubbish home with them to dispose of. This is to reduce communal touching of bins;
    – The event presentation will no longer be held. Instead, winners will be called up to collect their own trophies. Uncollected trophies will be sent out to riders via post after the event.
  • Rider’s Briefing will be held in the main event area with social distancing; and
    – Scrutineering will be completed in the main event area with social distancing. 

For individual questions regarding the Transmoto Enduro Events’ Covid-Safe protocols, please contact getus@transmoto.com.au


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