22/12/2022 events

Before you sign off from work and start stuffing your chops with ham and tipping a million frothies down your neck over Chrissy and New Year, here’s a quick heads-up about when entries will go on sale for the first three Transmoto Enduro events of the year (remembering that Transmoto Tribe members get a 48-hour priority entry into all events).

So, scratch these dates into the inside of your eyelids, bung ’em on the fridge or whack ’em in the diary … whatever works to make sure you don’t miss out on scoring an entry. Don’t be that guy who forgot to enter before the event sold out and deprived your riding crew of a memorable weekend worth of road-tripping, race-your-mates, bench-racing, snag-searing good times!


To ensure you don’t miss out on any updates, start the convo with your teammates and click ‘GOING’ on the relevant event’s Facebook page:

For all the information you’ll need to enter, head to events.transmoto.com.au

– The Transmoto Crew



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Transmoto has always focused on staging non-elite, team-based dirt-bike events that encourage participation through their relaxed atmosphere, custom-built courses and emphasis on fun, not officialdom.


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