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2022 Transmoto 8-Hour at Wangaratta: On Sale Now

Public entries are now open for the second running of Transmoto 8-Hour at Wangaratta, Victoria, to be held on the weekend of September 24-25.

To enter, simply click the ENTER NOW button below, select your class, and you’ll be linked directly through to the online entry system to register your team details and complete the entry.

And don’t muck around because with Wang’s entries strictly capped at just 600 riders (and well over half of the entries already accounted for by those who transferred their entry from the rescheduled 2021 8-Hour at Wang), we expect the event to sell out very quickly. Plus, there’s already been a strong take-up of entries by Transmoto Tribe members and previous event entrants, who were offered a 48-hour and 24-hour priority entry, respectively.


There will be a limited number of entries for the Ironman and Pairs classes, and plenty of positions available for the Team (of either 3 or 4 riders) class.

There will also be a non-competitive fun loop for Junior riders (aged between nine and 15) on Saturday, Sept 24 (Wangaratta is one of just three 2022 Transmoto events where Juniors can ride).

To find out what class best suits your riding ability, click here.


Remember that all Teams must enter under one of six ‘Team Categories’:

  • Weekend Warriors (no rider to have ever raced professionally, no sponsor hook-ups or dealer support, paid your own entry fee);
  • Young Guns (all riders under 23);
  • Wise Wizards (average age of at least 50);
  • Mixed (at least one female rider);
  • Wonder Women (all female riders); or
  • Open (general team entry, if you’re not eligible for any of the above Categories).

Teams of 3 and Teams of 4 will be grouped together for the Class results, but entering in a relevant ‘Team Category’ will increase your team’s chances of taking home a trophy and/or prizes.


  • $900 for a Team of 4 ($225/rider).
  • $750 for a Team of 3 ($250/rider).
  • $550 for Pairs ($275/rider).
  • $320 for Ironman.

Note: A $20 hire fee applies to the supplied Motosponder transponder and carry pouch (only one Motosponder is required per Ironman, Pairs or Team entry). This will be added to the team’s total entry fee.


A greater majority of your questions will be answered in the FAQs section on Transmoto’s dedicated Events website. But if you still need a question answered, hit us up via email (getus@transmoto.com.au) and we’ll sort you out as soon as we can.


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