2022 Transmoto 10-Hour at Tumut: Weekend Checklist

Righto, so you’ve sorted your bike and camping gear and road trip plans for this weekend’s Transmoto 10-Hour at Tumut. But have you forgotten anything important? Here’s a checklist to make sure you don’t:

  • Pre-event sign-on – Remember that any non-riders coming into the venue need to fill out the Digital Sign-On (Non-Participant) so their name is on the gate list.
  • Bring spares – Temps have been in the low 30s at Tumut all week and, even though some rain is forecast for Fri and Sat, it’s likely to be hot, humid and dusty on race day. So it’d be wise to bring along some spare air filters, levers, tubes, etc.
  • Bring some cash – Phone reception on site is good, but with 800 people in the paddock all slamming the same mobile tower, using your credit card may be an issue. Cash is always good back-up.
  • Team Name & ID – If nothing else, make sure you know your team’s name and have your ID ready for the in-car Rider Registration. It’ll streamline the process big-time.
  • Pit plots – If you’d like to be pitted next to another specific team(s), meet up with them prior to getting there, and then convoy into the venue together.
  • Food – The local Lyons Club will have a good range of food and drink on both Sat and Sun.
  • Stocking up – Swing by Tumut to grab and last-minute fuel and/or supplies. It’s on route to the event and only 10 mins’ drive away.
  • Fire extinguishers & enviro mat – Don’t forget them! They need to be visible in your pit plot, and there will be spot checks by officials.
  • Starting grid – The top 40 positions for Sunday’s race start will be determined by the MXstore Charity Boot Race at 4pm on Sat arvo (entries are on a first-in, best-dressed basis). It’s $50 to enter, with all proceeds going to charity.
  • Fires – The BOM is forecasting low-moderate fire danger for the weekend and temps in the high 20s. If you plan on having a fire, we suggest you BYO firewood as it’s a long walk from the event’s huge grassy pit paddock up to the treeline to collect firewood.
  • Drive safely – Make sure you get here in one piece to enjoy what’s going to be one helluva weekend in the Snowy Mountain foothils!


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