Welcome to the 2022 Transmoto 8-Hour at Coffs Harbour (Oct 15-16), powered by GASGAS. And congrats on scoring an entry into the second running of the event at this fantastic property.

This is an important reminder that every entrant and any nominated non-participant attending this Transmoto 8-Hour must complete a pre-event Digital Sign-On prior to Tuesday, October 4. Anyone who has not completed the Digital Sign-On won’t be permitted to enter the event venue.

In effect, this pre-event Digital Sign-On replaces the usual at-event sign-on and helps streamline your arrival and the in-car Rider Registration process at the event on Saturday, October 15.

There are two Digital Sign-On links – one for Riders and one for a rider’s/team’s nominated Non-Participants (who you will need to forward this link to):

  • Riders – Each rider must complete this online sign-on process individually (that’s right; you can’t rely on your team captain to do it for you this time).
  • Non-Participants – All support crew who intend to accompany an Ironman rider or Pairs/Team entry to the event (and this includes any non-participating friends and family attending) must complete this online sign-on process individually to ensure their name appears on the venue’s gate list.

This Digital Sign-On (for both Riders and Non-Participants) must be completed by 11:59pm AEST on Tuesday, October 4.

A reminder also that Transmoto Enduro Events are not designed to cater to spectators. Each Ironman rider or Pairs/Team entry is welcome to bring a helper or two, but please bear in mind there is no additional camping space outside each team’s 6x12m Pit Plot, and parking space at the venue is strictly limited.



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Transmoto has always focused on staging non-elite, team-based dirt-bike events that encourage participation through their relaxed atmosphere, custom-built courses and emphasis on fun, not officialdom.


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