06/09/2021 Jarrad Duffy


How’s it all going? 

This is a more long-winded update than normal because we wanted to give everyone some insight into what’s been happening behind the scenes at Transmoto, and get you up to speed with the upcoming Transmoto events. 

Being located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Transmoto’s HQ has been in the vortex of stay-at-home orders for the best part of three months, and our thoughts are with all the other crew stuck in the same boat. For our friends and fellow riders in WA, Qld and other parts of Australia with a bit more freedom at the moment, we hope you’ve been getting out and wringing its neck on behalf of all of us! 

After a cracking start to 2021, with sold-out events at Coffs Harbour, Stroud and Cooby Dam, things were tracking along nicely at the halfway point of the Transmoto Enduro events calendar. We had close to 600 riders and 300 support crew at each event, enjoying the freedom of being out camping and riding with mates again. It was bloody glorious; you could taste the normality in the air. 

But as we all know, the old germ got out again in Sydney around June, spread to Victoria and ripped the handbrake on for our planned events at Young, Clarence Valley and Wangaratta. Most of the Transmoto Enduros happen in regional parts of the state and the majority of riders travel on average three hours to attend. So, while these regional areas (well, some of them) have had a pretty good run in regards to lockdowns and restrictions, the greater majority of people attending come from areas that have really felt the brunt of it. 

Moving these events around ain’t easy, as a lot of planning and council permitting goes into making them happen on certain dates. But we’ve been so fortunate to have had the support of landowners, track builders, motorcycle clubs, officials, councils, sponsors, suppliers and, most importantly, the entered riders in being flexible and working with us to try to make them happen in 2021. 

What we have now is a very condensed 2021 calendar, starting in mid October and running through to mid November. Are these the ideal times to be running them? In some cases, no. It might be a bit hot or dusty, or we might just get lucky and have awesome conditions. But one thing is for sure: it will be a whole lot better than sitting at home doing sweet FA. 

But the biggest determining factor in all of this is whether NSW, Queensland and Victoria can get their vaccination rates to a point where events and community sport can return, and whether state governments are willing to get on the same page with each other, show some common sense, and open up the ability to travel with the right measures in place. 

There’s one thing we anticipate for sure, no matter which side of the vaccination fence you sit on: in the immediate future, it is highly likely that you will need to be fully vaccinated if you want to attend any large organised event. We expect that it will be a direction from the Office of Sport and from state and regional governments/councils that any organised event will be mandated to only allow fully vaccinated participants and staff to attend.  

We are all vaxxed up over here at Transmoto, but it’s not our place to tell you what to do. When the gates to the great outdoors do open in southern states, we just want to ride bikes together, and catch up on some fun. We’re just letting you know what we think will be the case for many events in Australia in the short term. 

So check out our revised 2021 event calendar below. It’s going to be a hectic few weeks, but the locations are epic, and a cold beer around the campfire will never have tasted so good. For the physical and mental health of all riders, we hope we are out there sharing one with you very soon. 

However, if the shit does hit the fan and these things go on the chopping block for 2021, rest assured you will have the choice of transferring your entry to the same event in 2022 (which, if you can hold out, would really help our business weather the storm) or request a refund. We will be dropping our 2022 calendar in October, so you’ll have a good idea what the dates will look like. 

Thanks for sticking in there, stay safe, get vaxxed (if that’s your thing) and hopefully we’ll be seeing you in the paddock again soon!

– The Transmoto Crew 


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