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29/01/2021 events

Got a terminal case of itchy throttle hand? Hanging to throw your bike on the back of the truck and head bush? Forgot what it feels like to hang out with your mates in the great outdoors and share some laughs around a campfire?

We’ll you’re not alone; we are STINGING to get out there and get cracking on some Transmoto events in 2022. And with the Covid shitstorm slowly becoming more manageable in our part of the world, there’s good news: we are cleared for take-off!

We’ve been getting peppered with questions from you lot about what Transmoto events will look, feel and taste like in 2022, so keep on reading and we’ll set the record straight on a few bits and bobs…

What’s the deal with event entry fee refunds in 2022 if the event is postponed or you can’t get there due to border restrictions?
The same as it was in 2021. If, after you’ve entered an event, official border closures (or Local Government Area restrictions) prevent you from attending, you’ve got three options:

  • Request that your spot on the team is transferred to someone else (who can attend);
  • Get your team captain to request that the team entry is deferred to a future 2022 Transmoto Enduro Event (the benefit of this is that it’ll guarantee you an entry into that event, bearing in mind that most Transmoto events sell out quickly); or
  • Request an entry fee refund (and your spot will go to the next team on the waiting list).

Rest assured that we will do the right thing when it comes to refunds for anyone whose changed circumstances are out of their control. So don’t sit back and wait to enter because the events will sell out.
For any requested changes, please email getus@transmoto.com.au with all the details.
For more information about our events’ general refund policy, click here.

Will the Ironman class be brought back this year?
Yep, a limited number of Ironman entries will be available for all eight 2022 events. That will only change if the mass gathering cap of 500 people is reinstated, which would force us restrict entry into the event venue to participants only. As it’s a safety issue for Ironman riders to have a support crew at the event, a 500-person cap would leave us no option but to drop the Ironman class.

To qualify for an event’s 48-hour priority-entry access, do all team members still have to be active Tribe Members? If so, why is that?
Yes. We made this change to 48-hour priority-entry access last year to prevent a repeat of the situation whereby 150 Teams of 4 (which represents an event’s entire rider cap of 600 riders) were snapped up by 150 teams whose captain was the only Tribe Member on the team (and this left no entries available to anyone else). Aside from that, remember that the 48-hour priority-entry access applies to all Transmoto Enduro Events and is just one of the many perks of a Tribe membership. For example, you also get a welcome pack worth more or less what it costs to join, and access to product giveaways and special offers.

Can family members and support crew come along to the 2022 events?
Yes, within reason. With the cap on total attendance at mass gatherings lifted from 500 to 3000 (at the time of writing), things will revert to how they were in 2019 – that is, each team is welcome to bring support crew if they are genuinely there to help the team. That said, in the interests of maintaining space and comfort in the pit paddock, there’s a limit of two cars per team entry. Plus, remember that Transmoto Enduro Events are specifically set up to cater to participants, not spectators. We do this to make it all about the riding, and make sure you get the best value-for-money experience.

What about the ‘vibe of the thing’? Will it be back for 2022?
That’s the plan. We’re the first to admit it was weird running some 2020 and 2021 events with no on-ground mass gatherings (no rider’s briefing, no starting grid footrace, no pole position auction or raffle prize shenanigans, no post-race presentation, and limited numbers allowed in trade alley). We have a solid Covid-safe operating plan that’s constantly evolving, and it looks like we will be able to inject these communal elements back into the event program for 2022. Regardless of the vibe, we promise you an epic track and a well-organised, safe event.

Will the pre-event digital rider sign-on and drive-though rider registration still take place in 2022?
Yep, because we got such positive feedback about both last year. And, along with the two designated arrival time-slots for each team, we managed to streamline the whole process between the online entry and kicking back in your pit plot on Saturday arvo with a beer in your hand. We also plan to retain the post-event drive-though trophy collection process – again, because a majority of riders said they liked being able to simply grab their trophies and prizes when handing their transponders back, and then hit the road without having to hang around for a presentation.

What about entries fees for 2022?
Entry fees are unchanged for 2022:

  • $900 for a Team of 4 ($225/rider).
  • $750 for a Team of 3 ($250/rider).
  • $550 for Pairs ($275/rider).
  • $320 for Ironman.

Note: A $20 hire fee applies to the supplied MotoSponder transponder and carry pouch (only one MotoSponder is required per Ironman, Pairs or Team entry). This will be added to the team’s total entry fee.

What’s the deal with Transmoto anyway? Didn’t someone just buy it?
Funny you should ask! Yes, a few of the blokes who’ve put blood sweat and tears into it for the past 10 years (Simon Barratt, Andy Wigan and Jarrad Duffy) stumped up and purchased Transmoto from the media group that owned it, at the beginning of 2021. Like anyone operating in the event space, the business took a hiding in 2020 and 2021, but we are confident we can get it back on track for 2022. It’s a small team of three full-time staff who just love riding dirt bikes and putting on great events, and we pay around 20-30 people – contractors, club personnel and officials – to help us bring it all to life. Each event puts a few-hundred grand back into the local communities via participant spending (fuel, food, accommodation, supplies, etc). If you ever want to get involved with us as a supplier, volunteer, potential venue, club, or even as a sponsor, we’d love to hear from you via email: getus@transmoto.com.au. And if you’ve got a gripe or some feedback, drop us a line and we’ll happily discuss it with you.

Will there be a non-competitive loop for kids to ride on the Saturday this year? Are kids welcome at the event?
As we did in pre-Covid 2019, there’ll be a non-competitive Fun/Junior loop (open on Saturday arvo for nine- through 15-year-olds who’ve pre-entered online) at three or four events in 2022. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about which events.

What licence do entrants need to race? And what insurance cover does that buy them?
Although ‘recreational’ in nature, Transmoto Enduro Events are technically races and sanctioned by Motorcycling Australia (MA). So to make sure you are covered in the event of an accident, you will need MA insurance coverage in order to ride. This is included in your annual MA Licence. But if you do not have a current annual MA Licence, you will need to purchase a One Event Competition Licence (available when pre-purchased during the online registration process for $85) to ensure you’re covered.



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