2020 Transmoto Events: Covid Considerations

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06/07/2020 events

With the Covid-19 pandemic changing the way events operate in general, here are a few very important things you need to know BEFORE you enter a Transmoto Enduro event:

  1. LIMITED RIDER NUMBERS – Rider numbers will be strictly limited this year. The total number of people allowed at all 2020 events must be less than 500 (that includes all event staff, medical, sweeps, sponsors, etc). Once teams are gone, they are gone; no hook-ups.
  2. RIDERS ONLY – Only those riding will be able to enter the event site. Do not bring any extra mechanics, girlfriends, boyfriends, support crew, grandparents, photographers, mum, dad, injured mates, kids, dogs, birds. If you turn up at the front gate with a non-rider in your car, you’ll be dropping them at the nearest train station. Absolutely no exceptions, unfortunately. (Hopefully, this is only short-term, but there’s just no other option for the event to proceed at the moment.)
  3. RIDER REGISTRATION – The usual at-event sign-on and scrutineering process will now be done online, and must be completed before you arrive at the venue (during your selected arrival time slot on Saturday). You will be sent a link to complete this process via email 10 days before the event.
  4. STAY WITH YOUR CREW – Everyone entering the event will have to adhere to social distancing and good hygiene guidelines.

To read the full event Covid-Safe protocols please click HERE


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