14/02/2020 events

One of the reasons Transmoto’s Enduro Events sell out so quickly is their relaxed atmosphere and fun approach to racing. We intentionally dish out $2 plastic trophies because we don’t want people to care too much about who wins. Our events have always been about grassroots fun; the perfect excuse to leave your worries at home for and enjoy a weekend ride and a few cold tins with mates.
So, to celebrate that ethos, we created a ‘Weekend Warrior’ team category last year (and more than half the field signed up in the category!). The fast guys still get their trophies, but the biggest spoils and brightest spotlight is on the average Joes – the Weekend Warriors.

Okay, so how do you qualify as a Weekend Warrior? To legitimately enter your team in the Weekend Warrior team category in 2020, you need to tick these three boxes:

  1. No team rider to have ever raced professionally;
  2. Paid your own entry fee; and
  3. No sponsor hook-ups or dealer support.


To avoid missing out, becoming a Transmoto Tribe member gives you the best possible chance of scoring an entry before the events sell out. The 48-hour priority-entry access applies to all Transmoto Enduro Events* and is just one of the many perks of a Tribe membership. Click here to find out more.

*NOTE: For 2020, everybody on the team must be a signed-up Tribe member to qualify for the 48-hour priority entry.



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Transmoto has always focused on staging non-elite, team-based dirt-bike events that encourage participation through their relaxed atmosphere, custom-built courses and emphasis on fun, not officialdom.


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