15/07/2021 Jarrad Duffy


With the extended lockdown in Greater Sydney and its associated travel restrictions affecting so many people involved with the 2021 Transmoto 8-Hour at Young (150 of the 600 entrants, plus officials, event staff, sponsors and suppliers), we have been left with no choice but to reschedule the event to the weekend of September 18-19, 2021.

Our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause some people. We hope you can join us in focusing on the positives of the new date in September: the first event at this epic venue can kick-off in full-throttle style, plus Young’s Spring-time temperatures are likely to be a tad warmer!

So, what are your options as an existing Team, Pairs or Ironman entrant into the 2021 Transmoto 8-Hour at Young? You can either:

1.) Do nothing, and your entry will be automatically transferred (at no extra cost) to the rescheduled date of September 18-19 (the benefit of which is that you’ll be assured of an entry); or

2.) Have your team captain request (via email: getus@transmoto.com.au) the entry is transferred to another 2021 Transmoto Enduro Event by Sunday, July 25; or

3.) Have your team captain request (via email: getus@transmoto.com.au) an entry fee refund* (including One Event Competition Licence and/or Temporary Club Membership payments, where applicable) by Sunday, July 25. If the request is not made by July 25, the entry will be automatically transferred to the rescheduled date of September 18-19.

When it comes to refunds, those who can’t make the revised date will be sorted out. However, we hope a greater majority of you who scored a prized entry into the inaugural running of the Transmoto 8-Hour at Young will be able to make it. If possible, hang in there because it’ll be well worth the wait! #raceyamates

*NOTE: Refunds will be processed within 48 hours. Just bear in mind that, with most banks, it can take up to five working days for the funds to appear in your account.


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